Workplace Wellness

The foundation of sustained business performance.

Have you ever had a really bad flu?  Even the simplest movements take so much effort.  Simple things that you would normally take for granted – like getting out of bed – seem like difficult challenges that drain your energy.
This is true of organisations.  Unless the organisation is a ‘well workplace’, it can impact the performance capability by making what should be simple more complex, taxing and draining.

Our passion is helping organisations create true sustainable business performance.  Ensuring the workplace is highly productive, efficient and delivering true sustainable high performance is the basis for a winning culture.  We focus on creating a winning culture by enhancing the four ‘pillars’ of workplace wellness:

Physical Workplace Wellness
Mental Workplace Wellness
Leadership Wellness
Relational Wellness

Is your oganisation ‘fit for purpose’?

The evidence is clear:  Well workplaces deliver real results improvements:
•    Physical wellness programs deliver between 500 and 600% ROI.
•    Early intervention mental wellness programs deliver up to 500% ROI.
•    These programs decrease business costs (absenteeism, insurance, compensation etc.)
•    They increase productivity, collaboration and engagement
•    They assist in the retention of top talent
•    They improve the offering to ‘Gen Y’s’, creating an ‘employer of choice’ status amongst incoming talent looking for enhanced work/life integration

Issues in workplace wellness show up in ways that undermine performance, engagement, collaboration and creativity.  This soaks up performance and decreases results.  Often organisations fail to tackle common issues which have dramatic impacts on their performance.

In fact, the statistics show how common and powerful workplace wellness issues are:
•    20% of people experience ‘depression’ in their lifetime
•    20% of people will experience a mental health illness this year
•    17% of people will suffer from a severe anxiety disorder this year
•    3.2 days per worker are lost to stress each year
•    6 million working days are lost due to depression each year.
•    Australian businesses lose over $6.5 Billion each year by failing to provide early intervention and treatment of mental health issues.

When you want a ‘well workplace’ on which to build a winning culture and sustainable high performance, contact Resourced Leaders for:
•    Workplace wellness reviews and audits.
•    Integrated planning to deliver real ROI back to the business through simple programs that work.
•    Training and coaching key stakeholders
•    Facilitating workplace wellness workshops and educational sessions

Whether it is a team, a division or a whole organisation, find out how creating a well workplace concept can set the foundation for sustained performance and real return on investment.  Resourced Leaders are uniquely skilled, qualified and experienced to help you get your organisation ‘well’.  Contact Resourced Leaders now.