‘The Resourced Leader’

This is the cornerstone leadership performance program.  This is suitable for senior executives, leaders and talent who are looking to make the next big step in their leadership style and skills, or simply to understand where they are as a leader and to enhance their strengths to really become an elegant, effective leader that naturally gets outstanding results through and with others.

This program can include a full suite of scientifically validated psychometric instruments and profiling tools (Philip is on the Register of the British Psychological Society for occupational and psychometric testing), 360 degree and other feedback instruments.

Utilising the Resourced Leaders proprietary coaching process, this program works to deeply understand the leadership style and profile of the individual, to enhance their strengths as leaders, to adapt and explore new leadership strategies and to deeply integrate these in a way that is congruent to their unique and individual style.  This process includes tasking and experiential learning processes so the leadership approaches can be experienced, and therefore really integrated into ongoing behaviours and strategies.

Developing authenticity in leadership, and not just ‘clones’ of other leaders, allows senior executives and leaders to become truly resourced leaders, regardless of context.  They know how to lead themselves and others with elegance and effectiveness.

This program is about significant, sustainable results.  Unlock your leadership potential.

This program, from initial testing and interview through to final results evaluation, usually takes 9-12 months.  It is the premier program for talent development, leadership interventions and senior executives and leaders looking to really capitalise upon their leadership potential.

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