‘The CEO Confidant ’

After his first senior executive appointment, the Chairman took Philip aside and said “Phil, just remember it is lonely at the top”.  Senior executives and leaders know this to be true.  Having worked at the highest levels of international business (including responsibility for a business of over one billion Euros) and mentored key leaders around the world, Philip Owens of Resourced Leaders knows the value of a ‘CEO Confidant’ to those at the highest level of business.

As confidant, Philip acts as a coach, mentor, sounding board and can reflect back state of the art business thinking and different frames of reference regarding performance, business and success.   Philip has worked with leaders during crisis, transition, challenging situations and in routine business contexts.  He has worked with entrepreneurs of start-ups right up to senior executives of large corporate entities.

Utilise Philip’s experience and knowledge as your confidant in business.

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