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The coaching, facilitation, training and consultation work of Resourced Leaders is sought after and valued around the world.  You can be certain that utilising the skills, experience and qualifications offered by the Resourced Leaders approach can have a transformative effect on performance.  Here is what a small selection of our clients have said:


“Phil has an amazing sense of intuition, enthusiasm and drive, and can articulate the challenges you face in a simple and easy to comprehend way - and along with these the solutions that may help to help you through whatever the challenge may be -personal, professional, sometimes it’s just one small adjustment and Phil helps you find that one thing – sometimes it just requires a different perspective to see what we already know. Phil works with you, drawing on his worldly experience to offer a different perspective. It was this slightly new way of looking at things that helped me to bring back the hidden energy, drive and direction that I knew was there, however was latent due to the 'life is too busy' syndrome. I have found him engaging, warm, fun and focused on getting results. I can highly recommend Phil to anyone looking to get more out of life.”

Kristina Kazmer
Marketing Manager AUNZ/ APAC, IMS Health (Sydney, Australia)


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"Phil has an agile mind and quickly demonstrated his coaching expertise by helping me to realign my personal values. Phil worked with me to change my perception of wealth & money which has enabled me to build a robust fee structure for my new business venture without any guilt or shame. I have quickly and easily made a solid return on investment from my time spent with Phil and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others".

Zoë Boalch, Strategic Director, Marketing Agency Founder.  Sydney, Australia

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“Phil is a gifted coach with an unusually broad skill set. He brings together considerable experience, sensitivity and limitless curiosity. One of his particular strengths is to observe the language of those he is coaching and naturally unfold complex and highly charged issues, reducing them simple but invisible "truths" to be explored and questioned. I have done this with him recently and he was able to strip down a complex problem in a matter of minutes using his finely-tuned intuition. I personally find it very valuable to check in with him every few months, as he constantly has new insights, fueled by his appetite for learning new techniques and optimising his approach.”

Gavin Henry
Global Brand Manager , Bayer (Berlin, Germany)

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Recently, Phil has coached and mentored me in my role as Business Manager in our residential construction business. 

The scope of coaching involved the following:
    Identifying personal and professional objectives and capabilities of
    the business owners and employees;
    Scoping an internal design and build business model;
    Feasibility and negotiation of an external design and build proposal;
    Develop an exit strategy for the business.

When I work with Phil, he gains a very quick grasp on the brief, (despite industry specific idiosyncrasies).  Phil is secure in his expertise, so he doesn't compensate (like some coaches) by trying to control the direction our sessions take (he respects my intelligence enough to let me lead when I need to); and doesn't 'cookie cutter' me with generic business coaching models which can make one feel patronized and one step removed from the core solution.

Phil has a vast repertoire of business acumen experience and high level strategic common sense which he conveys to me in a way that I can context and layer into my current scenario.

As such, I gain clarity, insight and action strategies that are only possible via leveraging my ownership and expertise with Phil's unique experience and his respect that I know what is best for me and my company.

All of this is achieved with heart-felt generosity, a sense of fun and most importantly, very good coffee!

Phil is a natural leader and he wants others to succeed and realize their business and personal aspirations.  I would highly recommend Phil of Resourced Leaders.

Kelly Savvides
Business Manager, Four Walls (VIC) P/L

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 “Charismatic, smart, genial in communicating complex issues in simple words, Phil excels in keeping big picture in mind and being practical in action.  I always feel included, empowered but also well guided whenever help is needed. I share Phil's vision of a good team leader: set the vision, align the organization and motivate people.”

Rong Yang
Assistant to the CEO, Bayer Healthcare (Berlin, Germany).

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“I have worked with Phil during several Sales Force Effectiveness projects and also after that I often consulted Phil whenever I needed a profound opinion or to see 'the big picture', particularly regarding Women’s Health. Phil has a great amount of experience in the industry, lots of positive energy and is a visionary who thinks out of the box."

Evelina Wiese
Manager Life Sciences – Accenture (Basel, Switzerland)

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“I have had the pleasure of work with Phil for roughly 2 years during which I regularly sought his advice and feedback to support me on a number of projects that I worked on. He was always willing to share from his wealth of experience and has at all times given open feedback and constructive, specific and meaningful advice that I could directly translate into actions for myself. Phil is an excellent communicator that can address any level within an organisation - from top management to front-line sales people. He is extremely quick-minded and a great motivator - not only when standing in front of an audience but also when working with/leading a team. Combining excellent strategic thinking with a very good sense of pragmatism is one of Phil's key strengths and proof of his long and successful track record in pharma. In addition, Phil has a great sense of humour and is a down-to-earth and approachable person. He has been a great coach and a role model as a leader. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Edgar Beyer
Product Manager, Astra Zeneca–(Hamburg, Germany)

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"Completely knowledgeable with extensive executive level experiencemeans that Phil talks the walk and walks the talk. He has helped me see situations through a different lens, which has guided me to more effective action and better results for myself and the businesses I work with.  I was also amazed when I saw Phil transform someone's public speaking phobia.  This person went from blacking out in that situation to being completely oblivious that they ever had a phobia around this!"

Kevin Bees, Commercial Financial Controller, Jetset Travel World Group.  Sydney, Australia.


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"I found myself in a very challenging situation with some people I was dealing with.  There was a lot of uncertainty and fear around the outcome.  Phil was able to explain group dynamics to me and help me see with clarity a way forward.  I took his advice and was able to step out of the drama and approach it methodically, with an amazing outcome.  Phil has an impressive ability to cut to the heart of a problem and to help you find the resources and tools you need to move forward.  I would highly recommend his services."

Michael Burns, Business Owner, Sydney Australia

I am a specialist hospital pharmaceutical rep with over 10 years’ experience. I have attended and sat through many sales training courses and updates during my time in this industry.
While at a recent company sales update meeting we had yet another session booked for “Advanced Sales Techniques”. While accepting that it is good to refresh skills I admit that I did go into this session with a fairly standard ‘here we go again’ mentality.
From the outset this was a very different and dynamic session. While it was only a 2 hour session the presentation was challenging, interactive and, most importantly, beneficial and educational. The training contained several apparently very simple techniques that, in many cases, I realised I subconsciously do in my day to day job. What was unique to this training was that it focused on each point and encouraged me consciously to promote this technique to maximise the control and outcome of a presentation or sales call. I could take from the session as much, or as little, as I liked. I can work on one technique at a time or all of them together now that I am aware of what I am doing.
The session itself was very well constructed and run and was constantly moving forward and engaging. Phil Owens was very deliberate in his method and consistently demonstrated the techniques he was teaching throughout the session.
This was one of the best genuinely ‘advanced’ sales training sessions I have ever attended and will certainly be using the techniques I learnt to improve my effectiveness in promoting a strong and clear message to my customers.

Sean Mitchell - Oncology Specialist, Bayer Australia