Team Performance Coaching

One plus one should at least equal two!

Teams provide unique benefits to organisations – and also unique challenges.  A team at the top of its game demonstrates collaboration, creativity, self-leadership and outstanding performance. 

However, most teams struggle to get to this level, and create all sorts of ways to impact on the performance of the group and each of its members.

Think about the teams you have seen or been a part of.  How many of them left fantastic opportunities for performance sitting on the table, tied up in conflicts or buried in process?

As a specialist in team development and relational dynamics, Resourced Leaders knows that there is a better way. 

We have seen fast and powerful shifts in relational dynamics and team performance.  We help teams unlock their potential to collaborate, trust, have great operational processes and structures which allow the highest team performance.

Coaching teams can achieve immediate and lasting enhancements in effectiveness of the team, as well as having positive individual impacts for the executives and leaders involved which flow beyond the team into the rest of the organisation.

At Resourced Leaders, we have found team performance coaching to be particularly effective where:

•    The team is ‘stuck’ in a performance rut – perhaps they have developed patterns, rigidities or processes through habit which act to inhibit collaboration, creativity and opportunity.

•    A new team is being formed and performance is demanded right from the start.

•    The team needs to integrate new members, organisational cultures, processes or functions.

•    The scope, context or purpose of the team has changed, possibly due to organisational, external or other environmental changes.

•    Issues have emerged with roles and responsibilities within the team, including issues with decision making processes and the consequences of team outputs and actions.

•    A fresh view, a different process, an external challenge to ‘the elephant in the room’ would add significant value to the group.

The Resourced Leaders team coaching process has been successfully utilised from boards and global leadership teams to small intact work teams. 

We are specialists in looking at the stages of team development, the team processes, the relational dynamics and the team structure – all of which underpin the ability of the team to perform at its best.  Depending on the circumstance, we will utilise a number of different methodologies to analyse, intervene, coach or enhance team performance and teamwork. 

These may include:
•    Team diagnostics, including using the Resourced Leaders CIPRI model, 360 degree feedback, Ideal Team Participant Quotient Questionnaire, Management Team Roles Analysis, Team atmosphere analysis, stakeholder modelling, interviews, MVV analysis and other tools.
•    Team process analysis and alignment.  Introduction of the CAED process model of high functioning and performing teams.
•    Team facilitation and ‘roadblock’ breakthroughs.
•    Decision making process model review.
•    Individual team member or stakeholder engagement and/or coaching.
•    Structured creativity and innovation processes introduced or refined.

To really change the performance of a team, to help them get ‘unstuck’ or to turbocharge an important project, speak to Resourced Leaders about team coaching and facilitation.


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