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Who are you....really?

Posted by Phil Owens
Phil Owens
Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He
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on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 in Leadership

I was asking a customer recently about how they made the decision to engage my services. They had come onto my website, liked what they had read, and made an enquiry. The customer described a set of ‘values’ that I deeply believe differentiates me in my market space, and were important to them in selecting me.

It reminded me of the way we present ourselves to the market. The prospects that have not directly experienced our offer go through a conscious and unconscious process in selecting us to help them. In essence, they ask the question "who are you".

Whilst they can define consciously the things that they want, the real process of selection goes on at an unconscious level. In fact, ALL decisions are made in the deeper parts of your brain and then rationalised in your conscious mind.

Here are a few things your prospects are seeking in their unconscious processes before they make their decision if ‘who are you’ equals ‘I’ll buy from you:

1. Certainty. The brain looks for certainty and closure. The brain will keep working away on a problems until they can be solved but at the same time, the brain loves to conserve its resources. If you can provide your clients with certainty, they can conserve brain resources and you will be positively rewarded for it.

2. Authenticity. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. If you are clear about your bigger ‘mission’ in life (mine is to make lasting positive change in others to make the world a better place to live and work). The brain seeks similarities and will align to causes which it is engaged with. Make your purpose and passion clear, and the prospects you want will naturally align to your offerings.

3. Status: The social brain seeks three things – inclusion, control and being liked. Making clients feel significant (included), competent (in control) and liked/appreciated feeds all the needs of the social brain, and will provide positive stimuli ‘rewarding’ their engagement. This will keep them coming back.

These basic ideas all revolve around a few simple details:


That you know who you are and why you do what you do.


That you are clear and consistent in how you present this to the target market


You have processes in place which make doing business with you ‘rewarding’.

When you think about your brand, and your business…who are you? Why do you do it? How have you attracted the perfect clients by being clear about who you are and projecting it with passion?

So, who are you?

I’d love to hear how you have developed your own consistent, authentic brand concept and how successful it was!

Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He honed his skills working with executives and leaders around the world, coaching and consulting in over 30 countries, from entrepreneurial start-ups to boards of multi-billion dollar businesses.


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