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Success secrets

Posted by Phil Owens
Phil Owens
Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He
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on Thursday, 21 June 2012 in Leadership

Success - we all have our own personal definitions of what 'success' means to us, and what it would look like in our lives, our careers and our relationships.  Helping people become successful in their lives is what I do.  It is my passion and my craft.  

As I reflected this week on some of the great people I have had the privilege to work with, I pondered the question "What makes people successful".  Here are a few thoughts for a rainy Melbourne morning, I would love to hear any others that you have:

Successful people have high standards.  The 'not negotiables' for successful people are really clear and revolve around how they treat themselves and others.  Successful people value themselves and others, and set clear rules and very high standards for themselves in terms of caring, sharing, ethics and values.  People with highly flexible morals, ethics or personal standards are looking for the 'short cut' rather than the 'short path' to success.

Successful people have a purpose bigger than themselves.  Where what they do is defined as a part of something larger, successful people will commit and deliver in what they do because the inherent meaning of what they do taps into a much deeper and more fundamental motivation for them.

Successful people have realistic understanding of big expectations.  That is, they have big scary goals, an expectation that they can achieve them, but a reality view that this will take effort, perseverance and courage.  They rarely set their expectations low, or think that what they set out to achieve will be unrealistically easy.  This realism often separates out the 'successful' from the 'dreamers'.

Successful people are willing to learn.  Arrogance is not a frame for success, but a barrier.  Knowing what you know and being prepared to accept that there are many things that you don't know allows you the space to be excellent rather than perfect. To learn and to strive, to accept that mistakes are part of a process is the path to true success.  Successful people are the ones who get a coach or mentor to take them to their next level.

Successful people are happy.  If you try to find happiness through success, expect it to be a lifelong quest that will not satisfy.  Happiness from 'results' lasts about 3 months, and then you slip back to your baseline (looking for the next result).  The true secret of success is to be happy first, then success will follow.  Find out what makes you happy and enrich your life with it, and success will follow.

Successful people have a language of success, possibility and generosity.  Unsuccessful people have a language of fear, limitation and greed.  Creating a language of success leads to frames in which success can occur.  The law of neuro-perception states that what you focus on is amplified.  If you use a language of success, you are amplifying this in your perception and improve the opportunity for you to achieve it.

How do you rate against these ideas?  What can you do to be more successful? 

Do you have any other success secrets to add to this list?

If you want to see what is possible for you, contact me at Resourced Leaders regarding performance and success coaching.  Success and high performance can be your achievable goal.

Stay resourceful,


Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He honed his skills working with executives and leaders around the world, coaching and consulting in over 30 countries, from entrepreneurial start-ups to boards of multi-billion dollar businesses.


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