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Making a 'surprising' difference

Posted by Phil Owens
Phil Owens
Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He
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on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 in Leadership

I am delighted to share with you a 'profile' that was written of Resourced Leaders - and some of my 'why' - on  I hope as you read it you may wonder what sort of impact you can be making...


Business Giving that Surprises

Business Giving that Surprises

Philip Owens keeps his light under a bushel before he books a new client for his human resource development company Resourced Leaders in Australia. He’s a strong B1G1 Business Partner who has a heart for worldwide giving, but he keeps his participation in reserve, as a nice surprise for new clients.

I don’t tell people BEFORE I work with them,” he told us, “Only during or after. I don’t want it to be the basis of the sale, only a ‘value-add’ on what I offer. However, I find that people are really open to the idea that I am giving from my income in this manner. I’m happy to explain authentically what I do and why. The reception is normally one of appreciation and support, and then I remind them that they can do the same thing as well, if they choose.”

Phil knows a lot about making a difference around the world. He spent 20 years at the top of international business, serving as the head of global strategic marketing based in Berlin, as well as the head of business in developing countries for another company – roles which gave him massive firsthand experience into the real needs of people around the world. He moved his family back to Australia from Europe in 2010 and established Resourced Leaders in Melbourne, where he works regularly with local and international clients.

When I started my business I was keen to do more than just make money,” Phil said. “In fact, the rampant greed and need to make money I kept hearing from others did not sit with my values. I had a plan that for each dollar earned, a percentage would be used to help those less fortunate, and I would also give my time to appropriate causes. Once I had lived my purpose – making positive change in everyone I work with – and I had earned ‘enough’, then how could I really make a difference?

What was the spark that got Phil Owens going? “I met B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn at an event in Melbourne, and was inspired by his message. I checked out B1G1 and was impressed with what they were doing, and how they were doing it. I found that B1G1 completely aligned with what I wanted to do in my business, and in fact facilitated my approach in a simple but powerful way.

Many B1G1 Business Partners find it even more rewarding to align their contributions with their client’s line of business. Resourced Leaders is no exception. “Depending on the work I do, I decide on the spread of my donations,” Phil commented. “If I work with building or construction – I give to building projects. If I have worked in health sectors, I give to health programs. If I have worked in education sectors, then I give to education projects. At the end of each month, I take a percentage of my income, before anything else, and make my B1G1 contribution.”

This approach to business by Resourced Leaders is clearly outlined in their Mission Statement – ‘To unleash the ‘human dimension’ of individuals, teams and organisations and change 'ordinary' to extraordinary.’

“Unleashing" is a word we love at B1G1 — unleashing the power we all have to change lives just by doing what we normally do.

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Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He honed his skills working with executives and leaders around the world, coaching and consulting in over 30 countries, from entrepreneurial start-ups to boards of multi-billion dollar businesses.


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