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How many organisations are you?

Posted by Phil Owens
Phil Owens
Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He
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on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 in Leadership

A question for you about your business:  How many organisations are you?  Or, to put it another way, how many organisations should you be?


Your answer will say a lot about the way your business approaches its opportunities and its future.  


If you answered 'one!' - your organisation is probably single-mindedly focused on the current opportunity, seeking to maximise current performance from known markets, customers and products.  The aim of the game is efficiency and return on capital investments.  You may even be happy playing 'follow the leader' in your current market...and may even wonder when your business will hit the wall.


If you answered 'two!' - your organisation may be seeking to maximise its current market efficiency and effectiveness and be exploring and implementing new business opportunities for the future.  You may have clearly defined business processes and practices for taking up new opportunities outside of your current scenario to beat competitors into that space.  People may have distinct roles - some focused on the present business, and some on developing and exploiting new business opportunities.


If you answered 'Three!' - your organisation is likely to have the capacity to be successful in the longer term.  Not only do you have part of your organisation looking at maximising current success, you are implementing new business ideas, as well as looking to the future and creating opportunities to explore and develop to sustain your organisation into the future.


I hear some organisations say 'we are doing all of that!' - but when you really look, they have a single organisational process, a single basis for incentives and a single 'culture'.  Organisations that have implicitly developed three sub-structures, one focused on now (horizon 1), one focused on implementation and exploitation of new ideas (horizon 2) and one envisioning possible futures and exploring possibilities (horizon 3) has the greatest chance of long term success.  A one-size fits all approach often means the focus is here-and now.


If you think about the industry you exist in, what is the potential for change in the next 12 months, three years, 8 years?  As the market changes, what are you planning to do to stay relevant, valuable and successful?  What would happen if you don't?


I encourage you to consider how many 'organisations' within your organisation you need to make your business a generator of value across all three horizons.  How are you planning, structuring and incentivizing to create and sustain long term value creation and success?

Stay resourceful,




Philip is one of Australia’s leading performance and leadership specialists. He honed his skills working with executives and leaders around the world, coaching and consulting in over 30 countries, from entrepreneurial start-ups to boards of multi-billion dollar businesses.


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