Creating Winning Cultures

Organisations with great cultures are admired for their engagement, behaviours and outstanding business performance. 

Culture is more than a few key values or behaviours ‘expected’ by staff. 

It is how the organisation really functions, how it sees itself, what it strives for.  In fact, it is the people and teams within the organisation that create its culture.

Many organisations have had their cultures evolve over time or want to change cultures for improved performance but finds the people in the organisation resists change.  Often a lot of money is spent or creating a culture of success and all that is achieved is frustration and more of the same.

There must be a better way – the Resourced Leaders way.

The Resourced Leaders ‘Winning Culture’ approach is different because it recognises the values of the individuals and subcultures within an organisation.  Rather than one fixed ‘behaviour set’ of culture approach, it recognises the deeper needs and wants of individuals and teams to create a truly flexible, inclusive culture of success.

We help you create a winning culture that leads to sustainable business performance and results.

As an awarded international change leader and champion, Philip Owens from Resourced Leaders is the perfect partner to help you create or enhance a winning culture.  Understanding the deep drivers and barriers of true cultural change, the Resourced Leaders approach is proven to deliver results and have a lasting impact upon organisational culture.  Ask us how this approach can help you.

Our programs include:
•    Current culture audit and staff engagement review
•    End-to end Change programs
•    Facilitating and leading groups through change
•    Train the trainer workshops for internal change champions
•    Culture change coaching
•    Change workshops and team facilitation

Find out how Resourced Leaders can help you
create a winning culture and drive true sustainable performance and results.