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Executive and Leadership Performance Coaching

Purposeful.  Powerful.  Pragmatic.

  • Do you see within yourself the potential for so much more but struggle to tap into it?
  • Do you feel that there must be better ways to use all of your potential, to reach your goals, to lead and to live?
  • Are you ready to 'shift up' and become more of who you can be?

Then it's time for Resourced Leaders coaching. 

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We turn 'human resources' into 'resourced leaders' that utilise their unique talents and strengths to make the difference they want to make and get the results they want to achieve.

"Phil is a gifted coach with an unusually broad skill set.  He brings together considerable experience, sensitivity and limitless curiosity.  One of his particular strengths is to observe the language of those he is coaching and naturally unfold complex and highly charged issues, reducing them to simple but invisble truths to be explored and questioned.  I have done this recently and he was able to strip down a complex problem in a matter of minutes using his finely tuned intuition".

Dr G. Henry, Global Brand Manager, Bayer (Belin, Germany)

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Whether it is with current leaders looking to take the next step, emerging talent seeking a 'fast track' or leaders and executives with goals to achieve, Resourced Leaders coaching provides a program for you.

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We are passionate about unlocking and realising unique talent and skills.  We believe that having a powerful purpose, models of success and an understanding of human behaviour in the workplace allows individuals to fulfill their potential and become outstanding performers and leaders.

WIth an empathetic approach focused on your success, we have the tools, approaches and models of high performance that will allow you to move to the next level.

With unique qualifications and experience in coaching, psychometric and aptitude testing, communication, business, human behaviour, NLP and success, we offer a complete service to transform the way you perform and lead. 

Using our Resourced Leaders coaching wheel as the basis for out approach, we offer far more than the simple'cookie cutter' coaching frameworks. 

In fact, we are known for our pragmatic and powerful approaches that are based on knowing what works in the 'real world' based upon personal experience at the top of international business. 

This is about profound results, achieving success and developing models for ongoing excellence.

The 6 steps in the Resourced Leaders coaching wheel

Our approach can include psycometric and aptitude testing, 360 degree evaluations and utilises the latest research in coaching, behavior, change and success combined with tested success models from the top of international business to build a custom-made program tailored uniquely to you.

Too often we know that we can achieve more, do it better or see others struggling to be high performers. Imagine if you could access your best to be truly extraordinary.

We all have our unique potential that often lies dormant.  Imagine if your true potential for leadership, management and high performance was unleashed, skilled up and purposefully harnessed to achieve a new paradigm in the way you get great results?

Some of our more popular packages include:

>"The Resourced Leader"
>" Energise your Goals" (short block intensive)
>"The Mentored Leader"

However, we develop individual solutions to your needs. See what is possible for you by contacting Resourced Leaders now.

With over 7 years of international experience coaching leaders and senior executives in over 30 countries, the Resourced Leaders coaching approach is internationally proven and sought after. 

Bringing you the highest level of skills, experience and qualifications, you can be certain that you are choosing an outstanding coaching partner.

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